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Stage 6

Gibraltar to Lisbon
1143 Kilometers
30th April to 11th May 2000

Compared to the last stage this must be one of the shortest for the whole year. The route for the next few days was familiar to myself, and no doubt many UK tourists. It took us through the popular tourist towns of Torremolinos, Motril, Granada, and Cordoba.



It was in Seville that we had another rest day, where the Odyssey riders went their different ways to relax and explore, for some (but not yours truly) it was a bull fight in Seville.

It had become evident in our travels over the past 4 months how popular and well established around the World is the Irish Brewing Industry. I refer of course to the traditional Irish Pub where only the best Guinness can be found outside of Ireland. So there is nothing like a thirsty cyclist to locate a good (Irish) watering hole, which is what happened when Odyssey 2000 rode into Seville.

There was a particularly International flavour around the Irish Pub we found in Seville, where a mixture of American, Canadian, French, Swiss and one New Zealand cyclist were served by an English speaking French waiter.

After leaving Seville our route took us into Portugal for a brief 3 days cycling to Lisbon and the end of stage 6.

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